“Love is patient, Love is kind”

Wedding photography is something that pulls at my heart strings. Watching two people say “I Do” is something that sends chills down my spine and warms my heart. Mary and Chris were no exception to this!

On Friday I went to the walk through for the Smothers’ big day. It was full of laughs and fun, all while working through everything to prepare for the WEDDING DAY. While everyone was enjoying themselves and practicing the “wedding walk” I was able to sit back and watch. I observed how the bridal party interacted with each other as well as the bride and groom. I watched as everyone talked about work, the big dinner plans after the rehearsal, and all the exciting things to come out of the big day I was able to see the true bonds between everyone and the over pouring love Mary and Chris had or each other.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, I arrive at The Withers-Maguire House to start the day. Mary and her bridesmaids are downstairs listing to music and working on their hair and makeup. The general mood in the bride’s room was excited and upbeat with the girls singing and getting ready. s4

The girls lined up and we took a “before” photo. After all the dresses were on and we were ready to walk out of the The Withers-Maguire House we naturally had to take an “after” photo.s16.jpg

As the girls sang and danced to get ready for the big day I went up stairs to the groom’s room to start photographing the boys. 

The groom and his men were having a blast listening to country music and opening their gifts, flasks WITH funnels. Yes, the funnel was the most exciting part for the boys! As they started to put on their vests, and shoes I got to see just how silly grown men could really be. s20.jpg

I learned that cuff links are a job for a minimum of two people and the top button of a dress shirt must be hidden, unbuttoned, behind a tie to make sure you can still breath. The groomsmen were sure to give Chris advice and tell silly jokes to lighten to mood as the time quickly passed.s22.jpg

Before we knew it, it was time to get everyone to the alter to say the “I do’s”. As the guests look their seats and the groomsmen got in position the bride and bridesmaids made their way to the ceremony location.


As Mary and her father make their way down the isle, Chris’ expression shows the absolute joy and love he has for his new bride. Mary’s two aunts read a Bible passage and six words stood out to me “Love is patient, Love is kind.” Theses six simple words stuck with me and reminded me that your true love will always being patient with you no matter the scenario and your true love will always be kind no matter the circumstances. Watching Mary and Chris interact, I saw the living embodiment of these six words.

From ceremony to formal, the bride and groom never let their passionate gaze towards each other dwindle. After formals; the wedding party, parents, as well as the bride and groom are introduced and the real party begins!

To start the party off they had their romantic first dance, then parent dances, the garter toss and bouquet toss, the cutting of a delicious cake, and of course dancing the night away! Mary and Chris, along with their family and friends, celebrated the new marriage! As the evening dwindled down and the night came to an end, all of the guests lined the exit to send off the newly weds for an amazing honeymoon!.

And just like that, Mary and Chris begin their forever!



Starting 2016 with a BANG!

WOW! What a crazy holiday season it has been! Now that it is officially the new year I wanted to let everyone in on the big things happening at LA Photography in the next three months.

*LA Photography has started booking boudoir session!

Boudoir sessions are so much fun and such a great way to pamper yourself! You can book a session for yourself or that special someone. Boudoir sessions with LA Photography are centered around pampering you with professional hair and makeup before the session and then bringing out the confident and sexy side of you during the session. If you are waiting to lose that extra few pounds, DON’T WAIT! Book your session now, you will not regret it.

*LA Photography has two weddings booked!

As many of you know LA Photography took the plunge into Weddings in 2015 and absolutely LOVED IT! This year I get to capture the wedding of Mary and Chris in January and Sharmeta and Jeremy in February. Both of these weddings will be posted on the blog as they are completed, so make sure you keep an eye out for them!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. I would love to answer them! This year I am going to do my best to blog about every session AND post about every session!

Here is to a new year and many exciting things taking place!!

Seeing L O V E

When you are a photographer you get to meet tons of people and learn their stories. You also get the unique opportunity to capture moments for people you know personally.  I was lucky enough to get to capture very sweet moments for my older brother and his gorgeous girlfriend!


While I get to see these two almost every week, having the chance to photograph them showed me something I never thought I would be able to actually see, TRUE LOVE! Love is not normally something you can see, it is something you can only feel, or so I thought.

 I have witnessed this man be rough and tough for years, yet always kind and gentle when it was needed. Tonight I seen a different side, the side of true compassion and devotion.

On the lake there was a strong breeze, Chad quickly, and without any hesitation, pulled Devon in close to try to keep her warm. Even grabbing the blanket I had brought with us, all in an effort to comfort Devon from the breeze.


When he thought I wasn’t looking he would lean in and kiss hr forehead or whisper in her ear to make her smile. All the while i was watching and waiting to make sure I captured these sweet moments between the two.

Seeing these two together makes your hear skip a beat and your knees week and I was the lucky one o get to spend the evening with them and my camera!

chad_devon15 chad_devon6


A Little Thing Called LOVE

We all like to think of the fairy tail love story and on a cool day in Georgia I have the honor of witnessing a love story fit for the the story books. On October 24, 2015 Jennifer and Jeremy said their “I DO’s” overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia with their closest family and friends.


These two embody true love. Being able to photograph their big day showed me what love looks like. Seeing the love they have for each other was magic! I was able to capture it all in one single photo.


Every wedding is special, but this wedding held an extra special place in my heart. The Groom is my Uncle and his blushing Bride is my new aunt! (WOW! that’s crazy to say out loud) Jeremy and Jennifer had a small, intimate wedding in the mountains. The decor was very simple. I mean really, how much decorating do you have to do when your wedding is overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains!?


I wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness and an amazing time on their honeymoon cruise!! All the best from LA Photography!

Born A Fighter!

If you look at sweet little Miss. Scarlett you would see a happy baby. One who is loved more than she will ever know and as cute as a button! One thing you would not see is a little girl who was born at just 26 weeks.

Little Miss. Scarlett was born at just 2 pounds and 2 ounces and at 26 weeks. She was a fighter from the moment she was born. She was transported from one hospital to the NICU at Nemours Children’s Hospital. Miss. Scarlett spent 85 days growing bigger and stronger with the love and care from the, out of this world, NICU staff and her mommy and daddy.

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little fighter two months ago on a very special day, the day her mommy and daddy would get to hold her for the FIRST TIME EVER! It was such an emotional time for everyone.

scarlett4          scarlett20

Sara (momma) and Kenny (daddy) love Miss. Scarlett more than words can ever express. Watching them hold their baby girl for the first time sent chills down my spine. When you get to be witness to something that is so moving and emotional you can not help be feel connected to everyone involved.

If you were to fast forward two months you would learn that sweet little Miss. Scarlett was HOME! This sweet little girl was finally out of the NICU and in the arms of her loving mommy and daddy. That is where I come back into this sweet little one’s story. This sweet little fighter grew so much in the 85 days she was in the NICU. While looking at her you would have never known but this is how tiny she was at birth. Her first diaper is to the left and her current diaper is to the right. WOW! Look at how much she has grown!!!edit2

I spent a Sunday morning with this sweet family of three. They welcomed me into their home as if I was family. Spending my morning with these three was awesome! Miss Scarlett made us work during our session but boy was it worth it!!

edit4 s8

Miss. Scarlett is what is known as a rainbow baby. The answer to many prayers and the glue to put together a broken heart.

“A rainbow baby is a child born after the tragic loss of a previous child/children. It is understood that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. The storms mat still hover, but the rainbow provides a counter balance of color, energy, and hope.”

Miss. Scarlett is the answer to many prayers and the missing link to a family that had tried and lost two babies previously. Her mommy and daddy are wrapped around her tiny little finger and are never going anywhere! I look forward to watching this sweet angel grow up!

Edit1 s6

LA Photography Takes on Blogging!


Woo Hoo! I have said for many months now that I would start a blog to share more about each session with each of my amazing fans / followers and never found the time until now (12:30 am on a Saturday). I would love to say I will post once a week; however, I want to be realistic so I will say once every two weeks there will be a new blog for everyone to read.

LA Photography has finished THREE newborn sessions recently. Two of the three little bundles of joy were still in the NICU, but doing great, and the third was a sweet little one who slept through our whole session. I am beyond lucky to have had the chance to capture these moments for all three families!

The first little one was Miss. Scarlett Eberhardt

Miss. Scarlett was born at just twenty-six weeks, that is fourteen weeks early! I got had the honor of photographing Miss. Scarlett’s first time being held by her momma (Sara) without being fully gowned, gloved, and masked. This sweet little girl snuggled right in and smiled the biggest smile that could ever come from such a little person, and my heart just melted! As Sara was holding her little girl for the first time daddy (Kenny)was in awe. The love and joy that filled his eyes and face warmed my heart. Kenny and Sara spend every evening at the NICU visiting their little one and this was the first time in four weeks they were able to hold her skin to skin, so amazing. These two and Miss. Scarlett showed me the meaning of  being a fighter. Below are images from their session. Look at all the love in their eyes.

scarlett7scarlett4   scarlett20   scarlett25

The second little one was Mr. Raymond Crews.

Mr. Raymond was born at 4 lbs 11 oz. and 18 inches long. Shortly after he was born, he was taken to the NICU. The following day, for our session, he was still in the NICU and stayed there until the day he went home. During my time with this family, I seen the love and pride they took in their new little man. Ray had become their whole world in the second he was born. Raymond’s momma (Caitlin) and daddy (Tim) were simply in awe over their bundle of joy. Ray held his momma’s finger the entire time we were in the NICU and in that moment, everything in the world was right.    R8

Later, Tim and I went to the NICU and I could tell instantly see the bond between a dad and his son. Daddy had a smile that could be seen from a mile away. Then all in one quick moment, as I was setting up for a photo, Tim bent over and gave Raymond a kiss and told him “I love you Ray you are mommy and daddy’s world”. It was right then I knew this little boy would be loved more than he would ever begin to know.


The third and final little one is Mr. Layne Walker.

Mr. Layne made in entrance into the world at 3:06pm on a Friday. He was welcomed by his momma (Nicole), daddy (Doug), big brother (Leynd), and bis sister (Jacy). Mr. Layne was instantly loved by everyone who met him! At seven days old M. Layne got to see what a photo session was all about. I have known the family for many years and was over whelmed with joy when I was asked to do their photos! Quickly after arriving at their home I could tell how much Leynd and Jacy loved their new little bother. The second I he was within their reach, they just wanted to love on him and kiss him. It was too cute and the family was finally complete.

This momma is a HUGE Alabama Football fan, so naturally there was plenty of Crimson and White as well as the Alabama “A” in their session.


The whole time Layne was in this super cute hat and had his elephant near him his brother and sister would say “ROLL TIDE!” Alabama football runs deep in this family. After we got the Alabama football covered, this momma wanted to capture her passion for welding in a photo with her newest bundle of joy.


So naturally, we laid out her welding jacket and placed all of her tools around and then added the Mr. Layne and it just “fit”. Baby Layne slept through our entire session and was a dream baby to work this. He even wore a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and little boots! (too cute!)

I am beyond luck to have the job that I do. I love every minuet of every session, I even love all the time I have to spend on my computer ‘behind the scenes’ to make everything go off without a hitch! Thank you to all of my amazing clients and congratulations on your little bundles of joy! I look forward to watching them all grow.

  • Lauren